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Our Progress

The Farm Plan

2016 & 2017 have been our building years. We built a major well pump, barns, a coop, high tunnel hoop houses, composting facilities, and spent well over a couple months completely fencing our whole property. A lot of the projects below will be completed over the coming years, but the primary goal is to bring our first produce to market in early 2018. Some of the permanent crops listed will take several years to reach the market, so we will be adding them in phases over the next few years.

The annual crops are planned for 2018, and the majority of our time and resources are focused on getting the infrastructure in place for Spring 2018 crops. We will provide regular updates on progress through the farm blog on this site, as well as our social media outlets. We are committed to achieving high-quality standards before we offer our products for sale.


Heritage Beans

We are very dedicated to go back to our roots and bring back heritage beans. 

Our 20 acre bean field will produce a variety of heritage line beans in an assortment of colors and sizes. They will then be hand picked and packaged with care for arrival at your doorstep. 

Organic Produce

Our seasonal fruits & vegetables are grown either in the field or inside our hoop houses. This extends the growing season and provides you with quality produce even if it might be out of season.

We don't use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers on our produce. We follow the USDA guidelines for organic farming practices with plans to achieve certification in the near future.

Free Range Livestock

We believe that all animals deserve to live a valued life. All our livestock are treated fairly and with love. We never confine them, but instead, prefer to let them roam and forage as they please. We only raise happy and healthy livestock here on Dragoon Range Farms and we plan to always keep it that way.

Coming Soon

MicroGreens & Herbs

Our greens will be grown organically in 10x20 trays. They can be delivered live in trays for maximum freshness, or in containers for small quantities.

Currently, our rack system is installed indoors and uses T5 fluorescent grow lights. We plan to also grow microgreens and herbs in our high tunnel hoop houses to take advantage of natural sunlight when seasonally appropriate.  


We have dedicated 20 acres of our best sloping land for the production of wine grapes. Arizona wines are increasingly popular, and our area is well suited for growing them.

Once planted, grapes take about 3 years to mature before they can be turned into wine. The climate in Southern Arizona is ideal for crafting phenomenal flavor and aroma.

And More!

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