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Boer Goats

Boer Goats

At Dragoon Range Farms, our goats pasture everyday and always have access to water. We never practice strict confinement or unnatural methods. We strive to give the goats the best quality of life possible. They are always treated humanely, if not spoiled just a little bit.

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Commercial Meat Goats

Show-Quality Goats

Registered Boer Goats

Dragoon Range Farms is home to over 150 Boer Goats

130 goats is a lot, however it is not quite at our goal. Eventually, the herd will be capable of yielding 200+ new goats per year! Now that is a lot of goats.

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Plus, Kids & Weathers!

Our high-quality Boer bucks have really been putting their noses to the grindstone these past few years. Because of that, several new generations of Boer goats now call Dragoon Range Farms their home. 

Availability of our Boer goat varieties fluctuates with time of year! So Contact Us and let us know what you're interested in. We will do whatever we can to help.



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