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About Us

Meet the Team behind Dragoon Range Farms!

We are a family owned and operated farm situated between the Dragoon Mountain Range and the Chiricahua Mountains in Willcox, Arizona. We are committed to sustainable agriculture and producing safe farm products from our family's table to yours.
My wife and I both grew up farming. We both left the farm after high school graduation to attend college, but farming never left either of us. While in college, I worked at a student research assistant in both Crop Science & Plant Pathology. After finishing school, I went to work as an agricultural research scientist for a large agricultural company. My career took me further from agriculture, and the landscape of a large city replaced the peaceful surroundings of the farm. Finally, we had enough, and we decided to return to the land. Now we have a unique opportunity to build the special farm we have always dreamt.

Our Business Model for the Farm:

✫ Produce a quality product that is healthy and nutritious
✫  Adopt sustainable farming practices
✫ Conserve natural resources
✫ Embrace organic farming & free-range livestock
✫ Welcome the Farm to Table movement

We Plan to offer our products:

• Direct to consumer via farmer's markets or delivery
   • Pearce, Tucson, Bisbee, Benson, etc.
• Restaurants that embrace Farm to Table menus

Our Online Store

Eric has over 30 years experience in agriculture and agribusiness. After growing up on his family farm, he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology with a Minor in Genetics from North Carolina State University, and then a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Mercer University. He spent the next decade working for BASF in the Agricultural Division as a Research Scientist and Study Director. After spending the next 15 years in various leadership roles at agribusiness-related testing companies, he became President and CEO of Accuratus Lab Services.

"I left corporate agriculture to follow my dream of returning to the land and building a successful farm based on sustainable agricultural practices."


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Katie is a loving mother who spends her time caring for her backyard chickens, tending to her greenhouse, and teaching others about nutrition in her medical career. Every day she continually strives to improve her overall physical and mental health by incorporating health, nutrition, and natural methods into her daily lifestyle. 

"I'd like to see organic food at a reasonable price. I was a nurse for 30 years so I've seen what bad nutrition can do to you."

Phillip helps all our projects run smoothly and keeps them on track. Every morning and night, the typical routine consists of feeding the livestock, pulling weeds for the goats, filling up the duck's pool, collecting eggs, and watering the gardens. You can find out more about our current projects and future goals by reading Our Blog, the About Our Products page, or sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay updated on what we're doing.

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Sara is our Head of Poultry. She's been caring for and raising ducks and chickens for several years. Any poultry related questions regarding orders, care requirements, or general questions, can be directed to her by texting or calling 520-221-8990. 

"Ducks are my joys in life. It's my passion to allow everyone the opportunity at self sustainability with our backyard ducks and fresh products. I couldn't imagine my life without my ducks.
If you need help getting started, check out my facebook page for more information on raising ducks and all of their benefits. When you're ready, you can place an order on Dragoon Range Farms product page or contact me at any time!" 

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