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Dragoon Range Farms

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Our Mission

Dragoon Range Farms is a family owned and operated farm in the Kansas Settlement area of Willcox, AZ. In July 2016, we purchased 130 acres of retired farmland with the dream of building something special. Our mission is to produce high-quality, safe, and tasty produce. As well as, happy and healthy livestock by embracing responsible farming practices. We believe in protecting our environment, and we will continually strive to improve our farm to achieve agricultural and environmental sustainability. We are committed to preserving the heritage lines that our grandparents and great-grandparents enjoyed before the dawn of modern agriculture and mass food production. We strongly believe in health through good nutrition, and that begins with improved agricultural practices. To us, that means turning back to the varieties that were the most wholesome and delicious and growing them in a manner that enhances the environment and decreases dependency on additives and chemicals.

Primary Farm Products

Boer Goats

We believe in raising happy and healthy livestock. We do not confine them to small spaces and have dedicated several large pastures to give them lots of room to graze. Our herd is constantly growing and is expected to top 200 goats in 2020.

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Heritage Beans

We are passionate about heritage beans. Our very large bean field will produce a variety of good-tasting and nutritious types of beans that we plan to offer locally and on our online store.

Organic Produce

Our vegetables are grown on a 6 acre vegetable patch, but some are grown in hoop houses. This extends the growing season and provides you with quality produce even if it might be out of season.

MicroGreens & Herbs

Our greens will be grown organically in 10x20 trays. They can be delivered live in trays for maximum freshness, or in containers for small quantities.

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❝ We invite you to follow along with us as we work towards our goals. We welcome comments and feedback, and we greatly appreciate your questions, remarks, and advice. This website is intended to serve not only as a platform for our products, but also create a sense of digital community with our neighbors, customers, and friends. I have created a blog so that you can follow our progress and a contact page where you can request further information on our products. I send out a regular newsletter so subscribe to stay updated. I am looking forward to the journey ahead, and thank you for joining us. ❞

~ Eric, President & Managing Director

Meet the Dragoon Range Family

We are a family owned and operated farm in the Kansas Settlement area of Willcox, Arizona. We are committed to sustainable agriculture and producing safe and natural farm produce from farm to table.

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